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balenaBlocks built for balenaCloud

balenaBlocks are pre-built container images which developers can add to their multicontainer apps to provide useful functionality. Their aim is to reduce the friction of creating IoT applications which enables rapid prototyping and development. These intelligent, drop-in chunks of functionality are built to handle the basics, allows you as developers to focus on solving the hard problems. You can read more about balenaBlocks on our blog.

Name Description
browser A drop-in web browser block
balena-node-red a node-red application with balena-supervisor support, can be managed remotely via balena publicURL
electron Provides handy functionality for running electron apps in kiosk mode; wifi config, file picker, on-screen keyboard and removable drive management.
audio Audio building block for balenaOS, based on pulseaudio.
dashboard Grafana dashboard block with auto-visualization of InfluxDB databases to get your data visualized instantly!
wifi-connect Easy WiFi setup for Linux devices from your mobile phone or laptop
bluetooth Optimized bluetooth agent for balenaOS. Based on BlueZ 5.0.
connector Auto-configured data connector block based on Telegraf
fbcp fbcp driver for SPI based displays for Raspberry Pis via fbcp-ili9341
sensor Auto-detects connected i2c sensors and published data on HTTP or MQTT.
fin The fin block is a balenaBlock that provides flashing utilities, status tagging, sleep control and firmata control functionality of the balenaFin.
multiroom Set up multiroom audio for your fleet of devices. Uses the Snapcast audio player.
local-ui A local web UI to gain visibility into the device
pulse A block for counting pulses on a Raspberry Pi GPIO pin.
xserver A simple X11 server block
photo-gallery Display a photo slideshow on a webpage over a web server.
template-js A NodeJS Template for building/testing/releasing balenablocks. Example provides an express template but can be used for any self-publishing blocks.
hostname Utility block to set a device's hostname in balenaOS
librosa-aarch64 A block for using Librosa on aarch64 architecture devices.
balenaBlocks balenaBlocks explanation, discussion and issues.

To find the complete list of blocks to try and deploy, head to balenaHub!